Wouldn’t it Be Nice to Get Rid of Joint Pain?

Dealing with joint pain can be one of the worst aspects of aging. Stiffness and swelling only seem to get worse the older we get. One of the reasons for increased joint pain is the breakdown of cartilage. Our research team set out to solve this problem along with other joint problems such as swelling and weakness in connective tissue and ligaments by combining ingredients and compounds that are:

  • 1. Clinically Proven Through Studies and Research
  • 2. 100% All Natural and Safe To Use
  • 3. Patented or Patent-Pending Ingredients Backed By Clinical Trials

How Does InflaFlex Improve Joint Pain & Function?

As we age, pressure on our joints eventually wears away the smooth cartilage that provides a barrier between our bones, causing pain.

Worn down cartilage can also cause bone spurs and extra bone growth around the joint. Ligaments and tendons around the joint also become more weak and stiff.

To help reverse this problem, InflaFlex contains ingredients that promote the production of cartilage cells and the formation of glycosaminoglycans.

As the ingredients in InflaFlex work to heal and rebuild cartilage, they also help prevent enzymes that break down cartilage and inhibit cartilage growth.

InflaFlex also helps to reduce inflammation and pain and damage to cartilage.

Finally, InflaFlex works to increase the elasticity of ligaments and connective tissue within the joints. This improves the strength and flexibility of the joints and reduces stiffness and pain.

See What InflaFlex Consumers Have to Say!

I have tried it all!

When I first started having joint pain, I heard all about how I should just take aspirin, how I had to be careful about taking aspirin, how I should take prescriptions, and only they worked, and how they were risky. I heard all of it. So I started taking a combination of things that varied through the years. When I found Inflaflex, I found everything in one and without side effects. So it definitely works out.

- Lynn J.

Inflaflex Works

I love this product! this really works! I really thank for this product. Thank you!

-Mike L.

I recommend Inflaflex!

Inflaflex is the one supplement I would recommend to just about anybody. It has shown me amazing results, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

- Jemma L.

No longer have pains

I no longer have any recurring pain that I had to deal with before, and in general I am better.

- Danny K.

Seeing results with Inflaflex

Inflaflex is the only joint supplement that has worked for me. I’ve gone through plain old chondoritin and glucosamine, aspirin, even prescriptions. But none of them worked. With Inflaflex, I am actually seeing results.

- Jack A.

The Two Ways InflaFlex Helps to Promote Healthy Joints:

  1. InflaFlex reduces inflammation, one of the main causes of pain, and it helps lubricate joints to reduce friction.

  2. InflaFlex works to strengthen and rebuild joints. This provides increased range of motion, increased mobility, and improved flexibility so that you can get back to exercise and other daily activities, free of pain!

The Science Behind InflaFlex Ingredients?

It’s all about the science. The ingredients in InflaFlex were carefully selected to give you maximum results safely. Here is a quick look into how each ingredient in InflaFlex works.


Decreased lubrication can be a major cause of pain and damage to the joints. Celadrin works by increasing lubrication to improve the elasticity of the ligaments around joints. Celadrin also has anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease swelling and pain.


This all-natural patented ingredient is a form of Methylsulfonylmethane. OptiMSM is created by combining the naturally occurring nutrients in sulfur and methyl. The combined force of Opti MSM provides an excellent source of nutrients for rebuilding and supporting connective tissue. OptiMSM has been in peer reviewed published studies and has been patented for its ability to support better joint elasticity and improved joint flexibility.

WOKVEL® 75mg

Another patented ingredient, WokVel is a clinically proven extract that increases joint flexibility and mobility. WokVel is able to reduce inflammation in similar ways as NSAID’s, without the side effects! WokVel is a superior form of Boswellia extract, manufactured to be more bioavailable and usable than any other Boswellia supplement on the market.

Curcumin C3 Complex®

Curcumin C3 is a complex that contains high levels of curcuminoid compounds. In clinical studies, these active compounds were shown to provide a potent supply of antioxidants. Named the “Super Anti-Oxidant” by dieticians, Curcumin may benefit the joints, brain, heart and circulatory system by helping to neutralize free radicals./p>


SAMe is another patented ingredient that uses sulfur to help rebuild cartilage in the joints and reduce inflammation. Through several clinical trials, SAME has shown the ability to improve joint function and strength.


DHA is vital to the health of the entire body. In your joints, DHA is a necessary nutrient for maintaining cellular fluidity. DHA helps improve the flexibility of joints and prevents further joint damage.

Resveratrol 50%

Resveratrol is a compound that helps neutralize free radicals and the effects of oxidation on the joints. Resveratrol has also been found to inhibit the activity of several inflammatory enzymes to prevent inflammation and potential joint damage.

best joint supplements guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take Inflaflex?

You should take one InflaFlex capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon with 8 to 12 ounces of water. Each bottle of InflaFlex contains 60 capsules and should last approximately 30 days when used as directed.

How long until I notice results?

People using InflaFlex tend to notice a difference within a couple of weeks. The full benefits of using InflaFlex may not be noticed until a full 30 days into use.

Do I need a prescription for InflaFlex?

InflaFlex is not a prescription medication. InflaFlex uses only 100% all-natural ingredients to address your joint issues. As an all-natural supplement, InflaFlex has not been reviewed by the FDA. We recommend you consult a physician before taking InflaFlex to make sure that it is right for you.

Are there any side effects associated with InflaFlex?

InflaFlex should not cause any side effects. InflaFlex contains only high quality, natural, and safe ingredients. You should talk to your doctor to make sure that InflaFlex is right for you or if you experience any unusual effects while taking it.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our warehouse generally ships all orders within one business day. Domestic orders are received within 1-5 business days, depending on the shipping method. We offer both FedEx and USPS. International orders are received within 3-14 business days, depending on the shipping method. For international orders, FedEx is highly recommended to assist with package tracking.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee that comes with Inflaflex?

InflaFlex is backed by our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not totally satisfied, simply contact customer support by calling 866-478-4260 for return instructions. You may return one completely empty bottle of InflaFlex and any unopened bottles for a full refund, minus shipping, within 90 days.

Inflaflex is Discontinued

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