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Complete Mental Performance Formula

Releve by MHP is a nootropic that provides 9 essential vitamins and minerals plus 30 proven neuronutrient focus supplements to support longer concentration, better memory, sharper focus, and improved mood. Experience a boost in physical energy and protect brain health.

MHP Releve can be taken at any time of day to wake up your mind, provide energy and clarity, intensify focus, and improve performance. MHP Releve is available in 5 delicious low­ calorie flavors for a brain performance drink everyone will love. Recharge the body and boost your brain daily with MHP Releve.

MHP Releve Brain Performance Formula

Baikal Skullcap Root Extract – Baikal Skullcap Root is extracted from the plant of the same name. This substance has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and is linked to treat those with arthritis.

N-Acetyl Cysteine – Derived from the amino acid L-cysteine and has been linked to be helpful in aiding with many diseases such as: cancer, bronchitis, ear infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart attack, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl – Glucosamine has been known to help with joint pain by adding lubrication and fluid to joints that have started to have issues.

IsoOygene – This is a patent pending natural botanical that attacks the PGE-2 enzyme responsible for your aches and pains.

Proprietary Blend – Allows for sustained-release extract of Humulus Lupulus which has been found to reduce inflammation in the body and is a natural relaxant.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – Alpha-Lipoic Acid is and antioxidant and has been linked to help aid conditions such as diabetes, nerve-related symptoms of diabetes, and chronic fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Take MHP Releve?

A. Take twice daily as a dietary supplement. Consequently, you will be consuming 4 tablets each day, as 2 tablets make up 1 serving.

Q. Is MHP Releve Safe to Use if I’m on Medication?

A. Speak with your physician before use if you are taking any other prescription medication or have a pre­existing medical condition. Furthermore, if you have allergies to shellfish, speak with your physcian prior to consuming this product.

Q. How Many Servings Are in Each Container?

A. Each bottle contains 60 tablets and 30 servings

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