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Complete Mental Performance Formula

Animal Flex is a joint and ligament support formula designed specifically for the needs of the dedicated athlete. It has been specifically formulated for athletes ranging from bodybuilders to runners and soccer players.Each dose comes with several different complexes, each designed to support healthy joints, ligaments, and tendons, showing even greater results when combined. But the best part for most users is that it only requires one dose!

Animal Flex Joint Performance Formula

Glucosamine Joint Construct ­ Glucosamine will control any inflammation of the joints and prevent/repair the breakdown of cartilage.

Quercetin/Red Wine Extract ­ Quercetin/Red Wine Extract improves Nitric Oxide synthesis and production. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator that increases blood flow, optimizing the transport of essential nutrients to your muscles.

Methylsulfonylmethane ­ This anti-inflammatory will decrease joint pain.

Flaxseed Oil ­Various studies have proven Flaxseed’s ability to increase immunity and to improve heart and joint health. Flaxseed will aid in improving energy levels, endurance, and cholesterol levels.

Cetyl Myristoleate ­ Cetyl Myristoleate works as an anti-inflammatory, reducing any joint pain through lubrication.

Ginger Root Extract ­ Ginger has been shown to have many and varied positive effects. Ginger is an important element in Animal Flex because it helps the body to better absorb nutrients, increasing the rate at which they are utilized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Should Take Animal Flex?

A. Animal Flex was specifically developed for bodybuilders and consistent athletes who want to strengthen and support their joints. Talk to your doctor if you are under 18, pregnant or nursing, or suffer from any medical conditions.

Q. When Should I Start Taking Animal Flex?

A. The best time to start taking Animal Flex isn’t after your joints need repair, it’s before! Animal Flex can not only repair damaged and weak joints, but can support and strengthen joints to help prevent injuries and strain from occurring in the first place.

Q. Is There a Limit on How Long I Can Take Animal Flex?

A. No! You can take Animal Flex continuously for as long as you wish to support joint health. There is no need to cycle Animal Flex.

Q. How Long Will One Box of Animal Flex Last?

A. One box of Animal Flex contains 44 packs and will last 44 days when used as directed.

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